Monday, July 28, 2008

Here we go!

Ahhh, yes...blogging... I knew it would be just a matter of time before this would happen. I think I got the bug after months of journaling on Caring Bridge about our sick baby. So, looking forward to having a "diary" of our happenings in life, and not necessarily baby related stuff! We (well, me, actually) have been frantically preparing for the big 1st Birthday... cannot believe the projects I have gotten Greg and I into 2 weeks before 40 people are suppose to be at our home. I mean really, do I think anyone will notice that I got ALL the mulch and rocks placed "just so" around the landscaping, or fixed the unfinished tiles in the living room. I guess everyone really should have a big party once a year to motivate you to get all the projects done around the house. I have also decided to paint the bathroom/laundry room. Ridiculous that I have let it go this long without painting. The 1980's trailer wall board in mauve and blue has irritated me for the last 5 years, so, I'm doing something about it! Plus, the whole "remodel" is being done with about $20! I found some great extras out in the garage so, that's what I'm updating the walls and cupboards with. Guess it can't possibly look any worse than it already does.

I'm blaming Nichole for this slight addiction to journaling...since it's her fault that I found Caring Bridge at Riley and now the blogging...just kidding, I love it lots! Hopefully, I'll get better at doing this and figure out how to make this page "fancy"...perhaps, I'll recruit Nichole to help with that too :)

Delaney Lynn is also my inspiration to take on another project (job). On top of my "real" job, horse training, lessons, Mary Kay and being a wife/mom I have decided to start making my jewelry to sell. I have been making necklaces, bracelets and earring for myself, friends and family for about 5 years now, but thought I would put our sweet baby's name and inspiration into it and sell them at our local farmer's market. So, watch for Laney Bug Designs soon!

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Nichole said...

congrats on the blogging and the new jewelry designs. I love you necklaces...If I would have known you make them I would have begged for some.

I can totally help and I love being blamed. I have regrets to share...that we won't be able to make it to delaney's birthday my husband has his end of the season softball tourney and will already miss some of it do to Jackson's birthday. We will have to set a date for our big trip to your home soon too..