Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New photos...new day

Needed to add some photos that Caring Bridge wouldn't let me add, due to their excessive size...okey dokey.... got some really cute one's of the baby (who else do I take pictures of), friends, and family. This one is of Aunt Brianne and Delaney at the Elkhart County Fair.

This one is of Macie, Delaney and Garrett James at the Howe Dog Walk in the Park last Saturday night. We had a "fashion show" for the people, kids and dogs involved. I opted out of the show - I claimed I had to man the video camera - and gave the baby and the dog their time in the spotlight. It was really cute, and yes, those are sunglasses that my dog is wearing. He is such a good boy, loves getting dressed up. It was a great turn out and lots of fun. We had a demonstration with the Lagrange Sherrif department and their new K-9 unit dog. Had a demonstration also by a guy that does competitions with his American Bulldog, Hawk, in pulling. It was very cool to watch this huge dog pull a cart full of kids, then adults.

Sunday after church we went swimming at the Talmage's. Delaney loves the water. So glad I decided to put her in swim lessons last winter. Although, she makes her dad a little nervous since she is so brave in the water. All she wants to do is "swim" and put her face in the water. Not a bad thing I guess, other than she doesn't know how to hold her breath and ends up half drowning herself in the process.

After swimming (and a snack), she decided that lounging by the pool with Macie and Dewey (dewey's the silly wiener dog asleep) in the shade was a much better option than getting back in the pool.

Our sweet boys, Garrett & Shiloh, out by some of the landscaping in our front yard. Hmmm, looks as if I should do some weedeating.

Thought this was a decent picture of our newest addition to the landscaping/gardens. It's our new Asiatic Lily. It smells absolutely delicious. The 2 buds that aren't open in this picture, or now open and just add to the fragrance in our front yard. The hummingbirds and butterflies have been very happy about the addition as well.
We are still in the midst of party planning and getting some more RSVP's...excrutiating to get answers from people. We invited about 40 and looks like only 20 or so are on. Should have plenty of food leftover. Out of 3 gazebos, not one of them are functional enough for us to let anyone but us use or look at. We had all 3 set up last summer before we went in to have Delaney and since we were delayed by 4 weeks getting home, the summer monsoon that apparently hit our lake in late August did a real number on the gazebos.
I have been so busy getting ready for this party that I haven't had time to think much about what was happening in our lives almost a year ago. Let's see, this time last year, I was HUGE...ummm, HUGE....just in case you didn't get it the first time. I was not sleeping, could barely eat, and was fanning myself in front of the a/c.
We were blissfully unaware that this sweet little baby in my belly was: 1. a girl, 2. only 6 lbs (they told us "it" was going to big), 3. had a slight defect in her right leg (you know, the leg that was crammed into my rib cage for the last 3 months of the pregnancy), 4. had a severe congenital heart defect that would require open heart surgery, helicopter rides, multiple surgical procedures, sleepless nights and days for her parents and family, and hundreds of thousands of dollars. 5. Going to be the most incredible little girl that anyone could ask for, with the sweetest smile, the prettiest blue eyes, the clone of her daddy, and able to wrap to full-grown adults around that tiny little finger. Ahhh, ignorance really is bliss...

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Nichole said...

She is the sweetest and cutest little girl ever. Happy Birthday Early Delaney. hope your party is great...sorry we can't be there. We will see you soon.

Jackson got home tonight at 11:15 and had a rough day...so hopefully he will recover before you two hoop it up on Sunday.