Friday, October 31, 2008

What a day...

Happy Halloween!

Well, we had an eventful morning... Delaney got up early, even though this was our one morning when she could sleep as long as she wanted (which lately has been almost 9:00!), but, of course she was up by 6:00 today. We got our day started with Delaney have a big breakfast of Cheerios and Wheat toast, started laundry, washed dishes, picked up toys (a constant chore), cleaned up the baby's room, cleaned the cat box (yuck...), took out garbage, swept and mopped the floor, washed the couch cover, got hysterical about Garrett and had to call Greg to come home... This was all BEFORE 7:30! So, back to the Garrett thing. It appears that Garrett James had a Grand Mall Seizure this morning. While I was sweeping, I looked down and his back right leg was kinked up and looked very odd. I leaned over to touch him to see what was wrong and his whole body tensed up. His tail was stuck between his legs on the underneath of his belly, he then fell forward and his body contorted in to a "U" shape, he started to drool a little and his eyes were closed. Needless to say, I was a bit distressed. I called Greg pretty hysterical and being the incredible husband that he is, got in his vehicle and headed for home. I truly didn't know what to do (and it wasn't until this whole ordeal was over that I figured out it was probably a seizure). I thought for sure he was dying and there was nothing I could do about it, except cry like a blubbering idiot and hold him. About 5 minutes later he (and I) settled down and a couple of minutes after that he was trying to give the baby a ball to throw for him. I called Greg and told him not to come home, but I did call the vet. They said because of the expense, they really didn't want us to come in and do bloodwork unless it happens again. They are such wonderful doctors, they know how tight things are for us, and don't unnecessarily charge us for anything. The scary part is, we have no idea how often these happen since I'm not with him during the day, and the more he has, the more damage he can do to his nervous system and brain. The vet asked if his personality has changed at all over the past couple of years, and I promptly replied, "yes". Garrett has ALWAYS been very obedient and the sweetest boy, but over the past few years, his Obsessive nature, and aggression towards dogs and people he doesn't know has really gotten a little disturbing. The Vet said there is a good chance that he has been having these for awhile and there is already some damage.
So, guess we'll just wait and see if it happens again. I remember seeing him (maybe) having a seizure when he was only a year old or so, but I never saw it again, so I can't confirm that's what it was. The vet said if it happens again, to definitely bring him in to have bloodwork to see if he will need anti-seizure medicine.
We have a very busy weekend, so I hopefully if he does it again, we'll be there to see it.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Costume Contest

Our sweet "chicken little" won Best Overall at our local costume contest in Mongo. There were over 70 entries, and our little baby got 1st!!!!

This was my first attempt at making a Halloween costume, pretty proud of myself. I glued each one of those stinkin' feathers on to a turtleneck onesie. Then, made the comb out of textured felt, stuffed it and glued it on to a newborn hat that was turned inside out. Never knew how difficult it was going to be to find a plain white hat...ridiculous. Could not find the right colored tights or leggings, so tried my hand at dyeing. Got some thick cotton tights and died them yellow/orange. I then took yellow dishwashing gloves, stuffed the fingers with toilet paper, and stretched them over some shoes. Then, the finishing touch, was to spray everything with gold glitter, I mean, really, she IS a girl chicken :) I think it turned out really good. Greg wrapped her wagon with chicken wire, and we filled the canopy and insides with straw.
There were some super cute costumes there, lots of creative mommies and daddies. Much thanks to Sherri, Lydia and Amelia for inspiring me to want to make a handmade costume for our sweet baby.
I think my grandpa would have loved this costume- he always loved his chickens...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Decided to finally update this portion of my life. I think I need to mainstream my "updates" to 3 or 4. I've got lots of coals in the fire... I just sounded like my Grandma there - yikes! It's been a crazy busy summer/fall and though I thought it would settle down in we go again with the schedule! I am actually looking forward to Delaney having her own projects going on so that I don't have to schedule myself for anything. Don't get me wrong, I love having a job, horse lessons, a family, friends, a home, and a very neglected relationship with my husband, but all at once is starting to get frustrating. Something has to give soon...or, my head just may implode. I give tons of praise to those moms that do work 40 or more hours a week, plus have more than one baby. I use to work 60 or more hours a could I possibly do that and be a mommy??? Think I need one WHOLE weekend where I have NOTHING planned. Terrible that I need to write that on the calendar to plan for "nothing" - how ridiculous. One moment here...there, I just scheduled myself a weekend off (the 17th, 18th & 19th), I even wrote it in pen. Now the really bad part about that is probably Saturday afternoon after 2 days of being at the house, I will start to go stir crazy and feel the need to go somewhere. But, as long as it is "unplanned" I am going to try and not feel bad about it. I also need to remind myself to tell everyone else to not plan on seeing me that weekend, Delaney and Mommy need some time to themselves without being obligated to go anywhere and participate in any events. I think it's something I should do especially with the Holidays coming and our schedules will definitely be booked until mid-January sometime.

Ok, now that I got that out of my system... We went to Jackson's benefit on Friday night. It was a huge success according to Nichole. The slide show and music was wonderful. The desserts and coffee were even better. A really nice evening. I wasn't aware that Goshen had a First Friday Night event every month, something Greg and I would really like to start doing. It really isn't that far of a drive for us - besides, where we live, everything is a drive. Would be really nice to walk around during the holidays and see all the beautiful lights. Saturday, Delaney, mom and I went to Grandma Puckett's to get apples and to visit. It was a long exhausting day of shopping, eating and visiting (what we do best!), but was fun. I really enjoy spending time with my mom, grandma and Delaney together - 4 generations of girls hitting the shopping scene - dangerous! Sunday, we went to church and saw this interesting little program...recognize anyone?

Don't recognize anyone??? That would be because Greg (on the left) and I are under the water being Baptized. Thought this was a great photo...and what a surprise to see our "picture" on the front page of our programs at church. Think it's interesting that Pastor John looks like he is really enjoying dunking me under the water. So, think I will head out now...I have horse lessons again tonight, so need to get going over to Talmage's to go pick up the boys (McCue and Duke) for their lessons.