Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oh...the holidays...

Yes, hard to believe, but the stress of holiday preparation has begun. We had another very busy weekend, but it will be nothing compared to the absolute chaos that is the "Williams' Holiday Marathon". With 10 brothers/sisters/brother-in-laws/sister-in-laws, 4 sets of parents, grandparents, friends, cousins, aunts/uncles, and oh yes, our own Christmas, the logistics of it all is a complete nightmare. There are definitely times when I secretly wish that we lived far (far) away, so all we would have to worry about is ourselves and how much we miss everyone. I know I would complain about that too, and what a terrible problem to have - to have too many loved ones to visit with. Every year, we do come out on the other side without too many hurt feelings and only minor migraines, but hopefully, someday, things will just fall in place.

Anyway... we did have a great visit with sweet Jackson and Nichole last Friday. I can see his frustrations with being immobile, but he seems to make the best of it. In fact, I would love for someone to prop me up on a bean bag, hand me toys, and feed me non-stop. Hmmm, maybe I'll ask Greg about it :)

The kids really do play well together, I think Jackson was a little envious of the fact that Delaney was ransacking the place with all his incredible toys, but he handled it remarkably well. I am digging his cast though, looks like a cool pair of hard chaps, maybe a pair of those would help my equitation. Delaney was not very excited about posing for photos with Jackson on the bean bag, but after a few tears, she seemed to get that we were ONLY taking pictures, we weren't forcing her to sit up there and entertain him. Greg will be thrilled that his daughter isn't ready to snuggle up with boys on a bean bag yet.

We are in-between sizes for Delaney right now. She has 20 pairs of pants and none of them fit her. They are either too short, or a mile too long - very frustrating for this momma who lives vicariously through her daughter's fashion. So, we have resorted to leggings and skirts, and I can say that I am not at all disappointed in this. She can still crawl and can attempt to walk without tripping over dorky rolled up pant legs. Not sure why all clothing manufacturers think that a 24 month baby is 3 feet tall. Her waist is 24 months, but those legs sure are not.

I have lessons tonight, then tomorrow is Delaney's final 12-month shots at Dr. Frazier's. Then, I am heading to Angola for lunch with Kori from our church. We are officially members of our church now, and I have decided to volunteer in the nursery, so we are going to sit down for an hour or so and have a nice lunch and discuss "stuff". My first day is the 30th in the nursery...wish me luck!

Oh, and big news!!!! It sounds like Delaney may be getting Synagis!!! Dr. Frazier has been pulling for us and is trying to get our insurances to split the cost. I cannot even explain how much easier this could make our lives this winter if she receives this medication. We won't really know until the end of this week, but we are keeping our fingers crossed. She has already missed the first dosage, but any dosages she can get will be beneficial.

Off to do some work...here are some other great pix...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Trunk or Treat, Church & Horses

Garrett does seem to be doing well now. I haven't noticed any seizures since Friday, so hopefully he isn't having them without me knowing.
Friday night was our Trunk or Treat at Sonlight (our church in Angola). Greg and I volunteered to help with trash pickup. So, at 4:30, I got home and we packed up Chicken Little once again and headed for Angola. My mom was gracious enough to come and help us with sweet baby. I was a little concerned that we would get very busy helping and that Delaney would have a melt down. But, as always, she was a trooper and LOVED every second of getting to wave at people and watch little kids run around. It appears that we had over 5000 people show up for the Trunk or Treat event this year - amazing!!!! She then got to go home a little early with Daddy and have a snack and go to bed. It was a lot of fun, and very much looking forward to being part of it next year.

We were then up very early on Saturday morning to start our membership classes for church. That was a very nice time as well - Greg was particulary enjoying himself since they fed us some fantastic food. Pastor John said it was bribery to join the church, but hey, whatever...we'll let them feed us! That lasted until 12:30 or so, then we headed to Howe to pick up sweet baby and go look at a loveseat in Sturgis that was a great price. I bought our last couch when I was in my first apartment and very much single about 10 years ago. It WAS beautiful! It was a lovely shade of cream (ummm, yeah...cream) with maple round legs. Keep in mind that when I purchased this beautiful couch, I was single, living by myself and had NO pets. I remember thinking to myself that this will be the only time in my life when I can purchase something somewhat impractical....so, I did. Well, 3 roommates, 3 dogs, a couple of boyfriends, 10 years, about 5 moves, 1 cat, a husband and a one-year old later, and the couch is looking a little rough. It still is very comfortable and in fairly good shape, but just is really way too big for our tiny home, and not a huge fan of the detachable cushions. I spend most of every day putting cushions back and tucking the cover back in. Tired of all of it - so, we had started looking at new options a couple of years ago and just either couldn't afford or really couldn't find anything that would work. Since I have been working more and the baby is truly pushing us out of every room, we found a loveseat in Sturgis at a furniture store that should work just fine. It isn't EXACTLY what I wanted, but it is pretty close (oh, and for Greg...it's very comfortable). The color is a grayish-green (I think it's called Sea River Sage). The size should be perfect and I really like the idea that we (I mean Greg) cannot sleep on it. Furniture is for sitting, not sleeping. That's what the recliner is for :) I'll post pictures of it once it gets here - should be by tomorrow.
Then, after the couch, Cari and I went for a very nice trail ride with McCue and Luke (who is Cathy's horse). It was a last minute plan and it was wonderful! We had a great visit and the horses got some fresh air...really hope to do it more.

Sunday was my much anticipated Epona Approach workshop in Ypsilanti. It was a long drive very early in the morning, but was worth every second. I met some wonderful people, incredible horses, and really feel this is the next step in my horse journey. Pat, who was our guide and instructor took us through mostly theories, ideas and exercises. This is a 2-day workshop, but the second day isn't until the 16th. Hard to explain what we did (and probably wouldn't believe me if I told you anyway), but I truly feel the way to having a more fulfilling (for horse and human) relationship with our horses is through the Epona Approach. Pat, Cathy and I are going to be sitting down soon and working on some programs that would use all our gifts and talents to help better the relationships with people and their horses. It is an exciting idea to realize how much we could help so many people. And...that I will help Delaney grow up in an environment where she will encouraged to be whomever she dreams to be physically and emotionally and hopefully will partner with horses to do both.

Geez, I'm exhausted just reading this...can't believe I got all of these things done in 2 1/2 days! Not sure why I thought working more was going to be easier on us :)

This Saturday is the Christmas Bazarre at the VFW in Sturgis. Laney Bug Boutique will be there showing off my latest creations and I know my mom will be there with her latest embroidered goodies for Christmas and gifts.