Thursday, December 4, 2008

Beautiful Fall Day and Christmas Photos

We had a beautiful fall day last Thanksgiving weekend on Saturday. Delaney and I spent the whole day outside raking, cleaning up flower beds, playing, and burning leaves. It was a wonderful day. The dogs had a great time hanging out with Mommy and the baby and enjoying the last bit of sunshine that I am assuming we'll see for awhile. Here are some great pictures to go along with our day:

The one above is our view from laying on our backs in the leaves. The sky was so pretty and our trees looked amazing against the blue. Maybe a good inspiration for the color I would like to paint our bedroom.

We had Cari take our pictures for our Christmas cards. A few of these photos I even felt compelled to blow up to 8x10's, so now they are framed in our living room. The horses were even pretty cooperative. The black horse is Sophia, she is a 12-year old Paso Fino and a brand new addition to the Talmage home. The pony is Duke, a 12-year old wonder pony that is now Fletcher's horse and is a fantastic addition to my lesson horses and to the Talmage house. The Pintabian is McCue...truly the love of my life. Although my advice to everyone is NEVER buy a white horse...EVER. As you can see from the photos, he is a mess, but another reason why black and white pictures are more flattering for everyone. It just looks like he is a brown, white and dirt colored pintabian. Good thing he is amazing, otherwise, the color thing would definitely be his downfall. He is beautifully marked, with a perfect arrowhead on his right hip, but usually the only time he looks pristine white is right after his baths right before the shows. Anyway, enough about McCue...enjoy the photos, we sure have...

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