Monday, February 23, 2009


Greg and I were having a discussion this weekend about the ridiculous comments his customers say to him regarding our Midwestern weather. Most revolve around, "Can you believe this weather!", "Isn't this weather amazing?!", "Cannot believe how much snow and/or cold is has been this year!". You wouldn't think this is a big deal, but my darling husband hears these comments at least 20 times per day...everday... Being the professional he is and the local smart ass his response is usually, "yep, it's like it's Michigan in February or something"... Don't get me wrong, I am thoroughly disgusted with this weather and would like to see it leave very soon too, but, I don't spend a lot of time thinking about how ridiculous it is. I mean, truly, we are only in February. It has been an unusually tough winter I think, and I'm ready to see other people besides our parents and Greg, but I do understand that living where we do and having a "medically fragile" toddler prevents us from even attempting to enjoy this weather at all.

The upside is that I have been able to spend a fair amount of time scrapbooking. Which, I am thoroughly loving! Thanks to Nichole, I am able to spread my creative wings and dive right in to scrapping pages out of order and that I really do like afterwards. Need to ask her how to get the pages on here in a slide show so I can show them off to others besides Greg. His typical response is, "yeah, that's cool". Keep in mind that is his response to just about any question I have for him.

We have discovered that Delaney is getting more aware of her surroundings, especially what we are casually watching on TV. While scrapping on Saturday, Greg had Delaney over at his mom's and they were talking to his sister and brother-in-law and had just a random show on. Guess it was some dumb rednecks home video show and a guy was showing off by sticking his head in an alligator's mouth. Apparently, the alligator shut his mouth on top of the guy's head. It scared Delaney to death!!! She cried and ran to Greg to picked up. And, now she is scared of her stuffed alligator that she got from Robbie and Brianne while they were in Florida...awesome... We don't really let her watch TV, but it is usually on as background noise. So, new rule at home is if we aren't specifically watching something, then it needs to be off and we can turn music on. We'll see how that goes.

I am considering taking a Master Gardener's class this fall. I have always wanted to look in to it, but this year the opportunity has come up again and it is local, which would be much easier on me to get to with our schedules. I wouldn't really want to make a career out of it or anything (at least not at this point), but would love to have the certification and knowledge that goes with it for my (friends and family too) gardens. I have a new plan in mind for our front yard this year and if I had some informal training, it might go a little smoother. There are several garden centers in this area that offer some really interesting classes at a pretty reasonable price that I am looking in to as well. Can never hurt to learn new things!!!

So, the above photo is one of my favorites and I love how the yard/deck looks this time of year. Oh, sooo warm in July on Greg's Birthday. The lilac bush I got for Mother's Day is in the bottom right hand corner. I really like the yard, but the very front yard in front of the deck always looks like hell since that is where the dogs decide to potty about 360 days of the year. So, my plan is to make a wide (about 6 ft.) path in front of the deck (about where the table and chairs are on the deck) going out to the lane that leads to the lake lot. Would like to put white picket fencing around the path and in a "L" shape in the front by the lane. I am going to draw up some plans for Greg to look at and see if he likes it (before I start demolition!). I am so confident that winter is almost over that I am talking about gardening plans...yes...bring on the sunshine!!

If the groundhog saw his shadow on Feb.2nd and we have 6 more weeks of winter because of it, does't that mean we only have about 3 weeks of winter left - right??? I'm going with that.

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Nichole said...

I am with you on the end of winter stuff. It is the end of feb...and sometimes we have snow til april. So hang in there.

The slide show is made out of pictures I took of my to take them in good Sunlight...then I went into an album on Picasa...and created a slideshow on my page and linked it to my Picasa Album. I think? I will help if you need it.

Can't wait to see the new front yard. my plan was the front landsacape this year...probably not going to happen with baby on teh way...oh well.