Monday, March 23, 2009

Delaney spent most of the afternoon (after her nap, of course) playing in her sandbox and in her car (in the background). Beautiful day yesterday. Fairly warm, nice breeze and lots of sunshine! While Delaney was playing, I divided and conquered my irises that had gone awry in one of the smaller flower beds.
She understands the concept of sand in the bucket...but, that doesn't mean she actually does it. As you can see from the sand that has "escaped" from the sandbox.
Bustin' some moves on the dance floor. She gets her moves from me, not Greg. Although, I might have caught her trying out a moonwalk?
We went to Maple Syrup Days in Lagrange on Saturday morning. Absolutely would not believe the amount of people there. Crazy...
We did pancakes with fresh maple syrup, sausage and milk for breakfast. My first time of having REAL maple syrup. I was impressed enough to spend $8 on a pint of fresh syrup. Did you know it takes 30-40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup?? Maybe you did, but if you didn't, there ya go. Some useless knowledge for the day. We did a tour (and a story) in the sugar house where they make the syrup, then a horse drawn wagon ride through the woods was our last event. Delaney and I probably enjoyed that more than my brothers or parents did, but it was great. It was a chilly morning, but beautiful. Next year, we need to make sure Greg goes with us.
Delaney and my dad (Papa) on the wagon ride. Dad is looking a bit like the Uni-Bomber in this one. What's with the sunglasses Dad? No sun.... My dad is the sunglass King! He ALWAYS has sunglasses on. Even in our wedding photos...but, we'll let that slide since it WAS Jamaica.
Tammy (Nana) and Delaney at breakfast.
My youngest brothers, Alec & Evan, with Delaney. We were waiting in line to eat breakfast here.
The baby her face in this one. Contemplating something I guess....
One of my oldest (not her age, the time we have known eachother) and dearest friends from school, Livvy. We met her and her husband, Dale, for dinner on Friday night. Had such a great time. Reminded me of what great times we use to have together. We had not been out to dinner with friends in such a long time, I almost forgot how to socialize (well, sort of) ;)....

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Nichole said...

SOunds like a blast. Maple syrup is yummy. can't wait to hang out this week.