Tuesday, April 14, 2009

20 Months?!

How can this be possible?? 20 months old?! Just seems so old to me. No longer a baby for sure, definitely a toddler. Complete with opinions, temper tantrums and whining. But, what else comes with being a toddler? Glorious things... kisses (for us, dogs, cat, baby and even the fish), hugs, talking, "running" (which actually just involves wiggling your butt faster and swinging your arms), laughing, animal noises (the newest and greatest party trick), independence, "snoring" on the couch with daddy, cooking food in your kitchen and having us taste it, dancing, stealing anything within your reach on the table, playing in the bath tub, and a multitude of other delicious things Delaney does that Greg and I adore.
Even the temper tantrums I find entertaining. They are obvious reminders that she is an intelligent independent thinking little person now instead of just a sweet baby that sits quietly and plays with toys. There are days I long for that again, but there are definite advantages to her getting older.
The diaper bag doesn't have to weigh 37 lbs anymore (more like 32 lbs now!), we can take 1 or 2 diapers instead of a whole pack for a 2 hour outing, snacks aren't quite as messy anymore or require silverware, sippy cups can go empty and we can buy milk wherever we are going, and she can carry her own toys out to the car.
We had a wonderful Easter and a great visit with our friend's little boy from Seattle. If I can remember to bring my camera, I will get photos of both uploaded. I am also working on getting pictures of my scrapbooking on here as well.
I acquired a new lesson person last night. So, that puts my current count at 9! My goal was 10 for the summer. I haven't even advertised yet! My awesome friend, Livvy, designed a logo for my business to put on cards, shirts and flyers. As soon as I get some things made up, I'll post for your viewing pleasure.

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Nichole said...

crazy they are 20 months...but I am still hanging on to the baby thing...until the second one comes. plus he still needs me, right?

love the kisses the best at this stage...and all the babbling