Monday, April 20, 2009

Lots of photo opportunities!

So, we spent Wednesday through Friday at Pokagon State Park for Greg's vacation. The weather was beautiful! Perfect camping weather (in my opinion). It wasn't too hot, too cold, no bugs and no other campers!!! We were one of 3 families (retired couples) that were out there. So, we pretty much had the whole park to ourselves. We had a wonderful time! Delaney did end up feeling under the weather and we ended up in the ER on Thursday night, but on the positive side, we got lots of camping in and enjoyed ourselves immensely. Plans are already in the works for future trips. We would like to get a pop-up for ourselves, since we borrowed Greg's Grandma's camper this time. Hopefully, next year we can look in to getting ourselves something small that we can pull with the Suzuki. The dogs had a great time too. We really are looking forward to the camping thing with them as well. Such a great time to be able to bring out whole family (minus Eddie and the sucker fish) with us camping and not have to worry about spending tons of money or where to take the dogs.

Delaney loved the playground equipment. She was particularly fond of the twirly slide.

She loved taking Garrett for walks. He is such a good boy. Anytime she would get too far behind him, he would stop and wait (not so patiently) for her to catch up.

Greg was the master of the fire for the few days. Unfortunately, it had rained for 3 days prior to camping, so the wood was just damp enough that we had to use a whole container of starting fluid to get it going. But, it worked and we had a charcoal grill to cook no biggie.

How awesome is this RV??? Perfect size for the 5 of us (including the dogs). Delaney got the "master bedroom" in the back to herself and Greg and I slept in the loft above the drivers seat.

Delaney pushing Minnie Jo in her new stroller from Grandma and Grandpa Shepherd for Easter.

Daddy's girl for sure... she spends lots of time snuggling with Daddy in the chair or on the couch. Our night time routine is to get jammies on then she sits with Daddy in the chair to "relax" before she goes to bed. Delaney and I were reading her Easter cards from last weekend. She loves cards! Every morning she goes through her Easter cards and looks at the pictures. A child that actually likes the cards and not just the presents! Brilliant...

The below picture is of Macie and McCue and their first jumping lesson of the year. The did great! So proud of both of them.
This picture is of the same day of lessons. Emily was there to watch Macie and McCue and she decided to take Delaney for a little walk through the barn. Emily is wearing her sling in this one from her recent injuries with her horse. She is mending great and should be riding again sooner than they had originally expected (not that I am surprised!).

Overall, we had a great vacation week. We accomplished quite a bit outside on Saturday and got most of my cool season veggies planted. We'll see if anything decides to cooperate so we can have some cheap veggies to eat soon! We did get the Japanese Silver Grass divided as well. What a project!!! I have invested lots of cash over the years to all these great perennials and have yet to divide any of them to take full advantage of why I bought them to begin with. That particular grass is the pride and joy of my whole garden. I love...let me repeat... I love this grass. It has been a perfect specimen since day one. It is tall without being obnoxious, it has great sound when the breeze blows through it, it is gorgeous in the fall/winter, it isn't invasive, but still grows and is perfectly round. So, why wouldn't I want to propogate it and get more of it. I'm terrified of killing it. I love gardening, but do have a terrible fear of killing my precious plants that I have painstakingly doted over for years. But, my justification is this... if I don't divide this grass, it will eventually die. The center has already started to die out and eventually without division it will kill the whole plant. And...if I do happen to kill it by dividing it, I can easily buy another one and start all over. Instead of halving it, I ended up quartering it. I didn't realize how HUGE this thing was until Greg and I started digging it up. I broke my awesome composting pitchfork trying to get it out of the ground. But, it's out and is in 3 other locations of the yard. So far, so good... I am on pins and needles waiting for all 4 plants to get new growth on them, so I can deem it a success and take on other perennials in our yard. I'll take some photos of them once they start to grow so I can show off my mad gardening skills!

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