Monday, May 4, 2009

I got my new business cards and a t-shirt this weekend! So happy about the cards...they are perfect!!! Cannot believe how well they turned out and the quality is amazing (especially for the price!). The t-shirt is ok, but nothing I will order again. The choices were very limited and they don't have youth sizes (and since 90% of the shirt wearers will be "youth", that is a problem). Plus, I am looking to get some bright colors for the shirts so you can see them from across a busy show grounds. Here's a sample of what the cards look like...pimpin'....!

The color shown is pretty close to the actual color of the cards. I think it will be easy to see hanging on a bulletin board or for someone to find it in their wallets.

We had a great weekend...busy, but great. Delaney spent the whole day with Nana and Papa on Friday, then Greg and I had dinner with them later. Greg spent the weekend at Roy and Pam's new house in Mattawan on Eagle Lake. Sounds like the house is beautiful. Hopefully, Pam will get moved in soon and we can all go up and visit. Saturday, Delaney and I went to Talmage's to do chores (Aaron ran in the Indy marathon). Then, Robbie and Brianne came out to sit with Delaney while I did horse lessons.

Lessons went well...they were with a new family that bought a registered black Tennessee Walker mare about a month ago. She has hurt the woman about 6 times in this short amount of time and has thoroughly scared the heck out of these, they call me. This was our second lesson together and already I have seen some amazing improvements with the horses ground manners and attitude towards people. Not sure she has ever had any proper instruction or has learned that people can be trusted (but also respected). She is coming along nicely and I am planning on riding her this week - may need some prayers for that...I'm not getting any younger!

Mom came out Saturday night and we had a bonfire. Let me rephrase that, we attempted a bonfire. The wood was all fairly damp, so about 1 1/2 hours later, we had a pretty good fire going, but then Delaney had to get to bed, so she didn't get to enjoy it much. Mom and I made pudgy pies with peach pie filling - yummy!!!

Yesterday was Dawn and Kevin's surprise baby shower at Joey's shop (Sturgis Auto Bath). It went very well - was great to see everyone. Delaney loved visiting and chasing Jami around the shop afterwards. By chasing, I mean walking really fast while wiggling her butt more and swinging her arms. I really do need to get that on video and get it posted!

Another busy today, donating blood this afternoon, lessons tonight, work tomorrow, doctor appointment (another biopsy!), lessons, showing Sophia to some people Wed. morning, another doctor appointment, then lessons again Thursday, etc, etc, etc.... careful what you pray for, you just might get it! :)

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Nichole said...

glad you are staying busy. Hope you have had time to be outside. Your schedule exhausts me.

I will be praying for good biopsy results.