Thursday, June 11, 2009

Boating...Horses... what could be better?

We love, love, love the summer... we have been enjoying our boat immensely this year. It truly helps to have a baby that can stay up later than 7:00pm. The best boat rides are around 8:00pm. The water calms down, the sun is setting, no bugs yet and it's really quiet. Evenings like those remind me of why we live in a cottage on a lake instead of a big house in the city. We bought little Delaney a new life vest this year. It is only slighter bigger, but fits her much better - which translates in to: No straight jacket effect and neck brace around her chubby cheeks. We also take the dogs with us on all our trips - Shiloh is even excited about it now instead of being nervous that we are going to throw him in the lake! Our home from the lake...not our golf cart though....oh, how Greg covets the golf cart...someday honey, someday...
Super cute bikini girl checking out the view from the front of the pontoon... new life jacket is working out much better. No more screaming during our boat rides, maybe that's why our boating is quieter now? Hmmmm..... Moving on to the horses... this one is of McCue and Macie jumping at one of her 4H workouts this week. Other than his legs being off a bit, thought the picture turned out perfect!
Leroy and Emily taking their turn around the course... Her form is pretty good considering she is only 9!Me with 3 of my girls and 2 of the horses at our first show of the year
I have also been doing quite a bit of work in my landscaping/garden. I will try to get photos of some of my newest handy work. Looking pretty good, and dare I say... running out of room?! Well, at least in the main yard around the house. I have now get some wild hair up my $%# that I need to start working on our desperate lake lots. Now that we spend more time on the lake, it really bugs me that there is no landscaping or flowers on the walk down. I'm through with people asking us if that is our property too... so, once I'm done with it, they won't even notice the lane running through the front yard! Our fabulous neighbors have offered to let me divide their 40 year old hostas and lily of the valley. That should help tremendously with the expense of the project and the time if I don't have to travel to buy "just one more" plant. My project on the lot next to the lake is to dig up a 5'x11' area in front of the dock and lay pea gravel and pavers down. Then, line the path with Russian Sage on each side. Eventually, I would like most of the lake lot to be pavers so we have an area to set chairs, table, umbrellas, etc without the mud that is involved with wet dogs and kids. But, I have been advised by my darling husband that we are only about a day away from finishing up (I use that term very loosely) the bedroom project, so he would like if I could finish that before moving on to more projects. I just hate being in the house this time of year, so guess I better get my fanny moving and finish up that wreck of a bedroom!


Nichole said...

Wonderful news. We are working on landscaping too..unfortunately or fortunately however you would like to look at it. We had a baby in the midst of the project and Adrian's week off of work has turned into a hospital and watching son week instead of a project work week...but oh well it will get done eventually. We don't have money for plants right now anyway...I have two kids to diaper.

thought you would like to know the wee one is breast feeding and bottle feeding now and holding temps better they are looking at getting her out of her isolet tomorrow and so that means maybe home by weekend. Soon we can boat ride with all of them.

gorski55089 said...

I feel like I took a little time out of my morning to go on an imaginary trip as you wrote. How nice to enjoy such a piece of what God has given to us all. My mom and dad live on the lake and I am going soon!!! Also tell little D she looks too cute in the Kini as Abbie would call it!