Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Garden...

I put a capitol "G" in the title to make it sound way more impressive than it really is! Thought I would take some photos of my landscaping/gardening. Not necessarily as an inspiration to others as much as a reminder as to what it looks like this year compared to next . I'll try to tell you what each are, just common names, I truly cannot remember any latin names. Of course, I'll have to throw in some random Delaney photos too.. she's too cute to not take pictures of!
The pictures really don't do it justice, I'm in need of a new camera for sure!
Catmint in full bloom... love, love, love this perennial! Hostas (sum and substance) in the background with new potted specimens!
Papyrus, bacopa, scented geranium, a mini daisy, ice crystal plant, silver dollars and gold lantana. Very happy with the pot this year... the papyrus is my new favorite annual.

Globemaster Alium.

My ginormous (it's a word, I'm sure) Sum and Substance Hosta. I planted three by the deck on the side of the house and the largest (pictured) is over 3 feet tall! It has completely enveloped this 3 foot tall solar light. The other two aren't quite as tall, but still just as full. I love it, but afraid this big boy will have to be divided this fall.
Stella D'Oro day lily, maroon columbine, bearded irises (that have obviously been messing around with the neighbors irises since I planted violet and now have yellow and lavender!), white impatiens (which I only plant white annuals, to connect all the beds together, they glow in the dark, fill in blank areas and give the chaos of all the colors in the garden some soothing consistency)
My new birdhouse from my mil for mother's day this year - we have a beautiful little wren living in it with her small family. Japanese silver grass (another favorite in my garden), buttercups, shasta daisy, maiden hair miscanthus, candy lily and black-eyed susans.

Candy cane dianthus, candy tuft (new this year), yellow yarrow, buttercups

Our new arbor that my dad made us for Christmas... I added lights, but it's in need of a redo, not happy with the way it looks in the day, at night... whole different story, it really defines the front garden from the back. My dad also engraved "Laney Bug" on the right side and "Greg and Kara" on the other.

Larger view of arbor. Buttercups, dianthus, Maiden hair miscanthus and white impatiens

Martha Washington Clematis. The "trellis" is old metal side rails to Greg's futon that he had before we were married. I put a rail on each side of the garage window. So far, so good. This is my first attempt at growing clematis. The key: keep their feet cool and their heads hot. Translates in to: a pot, large rock, small bale of straw covering the roots and in full sun.

I bought two cute little wooden chairs at a roadside junk sale on my way home from lessons a couple of weeks ago. They cost me $1 for both! So, they are now some "hardscaping" for the garden. This one is perched atop a hosta that has not been cooperating for a couple of years. It should look like the rest of them surrounding the chair, but has either succombed to being a snack for my garden visitors or has decided that it doesn't particularly care for it's neighbors. It has until next year to become a contributing force to this area, or it will be moved!

Another view, just trying to be "artsy"...

The other cute, el cheapo chair from the junk sale. Lime green w/violet spiderwort and dark green w/white spiderwort.

Buttercups... they are usually wide open, but it was sort of a gloomy day, so they weren't fully open, but just as pretty and interesting... oh, and they spread like wild fire, so beware if planting!

The cutie pie random Delaney photos I promised... strolling through the gardens...

Our buttercup smelling the buttercups!
Most of the rocks as borders and accents are compliments of the Talmage farm! That was many trips with small trucks and our little Suzuki to get that many rocks home. I am in need of another 2 or so loads, which means back to the rock piles.


gorski55089 said...

So pretty!!! My favorite is the little lady buttercup!

Nichole said...

ok are going to have to come help me. I am in love with your garden. amazing. and little miss delaney will have to show us around soon. we are straight busy for the first two weeks of august with doc appointments, trips to riley an anniversary and a birthday. Oh my. but after that we are coming to visit. I can take cute pics of my kiddos in your garden. whooohooo..