Friday, January 15, 2010

More pages , Day 2

Here are a few more pages that I have recently completed. I am going to attempt to add the pages from now on to a link that takes you to Picasa. I believe I can then just add pages to the picasa page and you can click on it and see all the pages. My friends, Nichole and Darcy have that feature on their blogs, so I am going to attempt to do it as well. I really should try to embrace more of this free technology I am surrounded by.
In the same thinking... not sure how to pull this off, but I am also going to try and upload some videos of Delaney on here as well. I can upload photos and text on to her Caring Bridge page, but I am unable to add videos.
Below are a couple pages I did for Carter's book
This was a page I did before Carter was born. The right two are from Charity's shower.
Below is the page on Carter's room. Charity designed this room and the pictures really do not do it justice. It is gorgeous. Since these photos were taken, not only did they add a baby, but they also added some funky cool curtains and some chinese lanterns above the crib. Her 7 month pictures
Her 4 week photos
I haven't done too many pages that don't involve Delaney in some way, but this page was on our World Pulse Festival concert we attended in South Bend last August. So fun! Raining, then smokin' hot, but still tons of fun.
My first Christmas page. I have tons more ideas for our other Christmas photos, but thought this first one turned out acceptable.
One of my favorite photos... my little brother Alec and Delaney. Plus, I have been itchin' to use this fabulous paper. Love, love, love it!
I got an amazing Scrapbooking accessory rolling tote for my birthday from my Mom and Brianne. I find myself fantasizing about buying all kinds of little trinkets to fill it up with. I didn't buy many of those things before, mainly because I really had no good way of storing it and then also finding it when I needed it. Honestly, the other reason was I'm not sure what to do with the accessories. They all look so fun, but not sure how to use them. Guess I should do some more scrap classes to learn about all the money I could be spending on stuff that I really don't need! But, again... fun! I guess I look at this scrapbook as something Delaney will have to look at as she grows and I really want to make it interesting to look at so she can tell her own story about the photos as she gets older.
That's all for now, thanks for checking on us again!

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Nichole said...

I want to see these in a slide show on the side of your blog soon. :)