Thursday, January 14, 2010

Where Have I Been?.... Scrappin' perhaps....

My oh time does fly...
I cannot believe I haven't updated this silly blog for over 6 months! I should have a ton of excuses as to how busy I/we are and how I have a 2 1/2 year old (yep, 2 1/2 already) that takes up all my time, but honestly... I busied myself with other tasks, some important - like enjoying the summer, lots and lots of horse related stuff, outdoor concerts for the hub and me, then holidays... some not so important, like...hmmm, don't really remember the "not important" things, as it should be! You get the idea. So, got the opportunity to get caught up on some scrapbooking that I have also been neglecting and thought this was the perfect venue to show it off or to share photos with all of you that may have not seen yet.

We did have an addition to the family since I last wrote. Carter Richardson Middleton was born on August 28th of last year. He is absolute perfection! Delaney's first cousin and the first grandson. Part of his "thanks for being born" presents, I presented Charity and Seth with a scrapbook and paper (incompleted). I told her I would work on his scrapbook since I like doing it and she... not so much at this time. So, I was able to get about 10 pages done for him/her before Christmas. I have tons more to do - he's 4 months old already! He is so sweet and he's HUGE...seriously. When you stand him up next to Delaney, he comes to her shoulders. Poor D, she is probably always going to be the little one amongst friends and family. Guess that isn't such a bad thing.

I have tons more to add, but the computer decided it didn't want to cooperate this morning and it took over an hour to get these few pages uploaded. Awesome... anyway, enjoy, feel free to browse around and I will upload more soon (as in tonight if the mood strikes me!).

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