Monday, February 1, 2010

Mini-vaca, Etsy shop opening and Intensives...

Hello from balmy, sunny, warm Indiana... right....
I know we live in the Midwest and it IS only February 1st, but my goodness, this is excruciating. Guess I'm more aware of it since I:

a. Was in Florida for a day and a half

b. Have been outside in it last weekend and for the next few weeks with the horses

Suppose I am just more of cold weather sissy as I age. Don't like to admit the sissiness to anyone, but I'm fully aware of the cold weather sissiness. Perhaps I should have learned to enjoy more outdoor winter sports as a kid, so that I could embrace the weather.

Speaking of Florida, my momma and I did a whirlwind trip to Venice, Florida last week to take our good friend's dog down to them in their condo. He was an absolute angel for the entire 2 day ride. Couldn't ask for a better dog...especially considering he is a 100 lb. standard poodle who is notorious for being a "bit" rambuctious. We arrived late Tuesday afternoon and due to the weather system coming through Kentucky and Tennessee the next evening, we left at 12:30am the next night. Thankfully, the weather was amazing on the day we were there, I even managed to scorch my delicate, sunscreen slathered, Indiana skin in a matter or hours.

Never mind the fact I have been ill the ENTIRE month of January...seriously...some sort of junk in the system since New Year's Eve. Driving home from southern Florida in one day sure didn't help with that bit of annoyance. But, mom and I did make it home in 21 hours. Anyway...thought I would share some photos:

Below is the debut of Nichole's Etsy shop J. Lea Designs! Not sure who/what is cuter...this awesome newsgirl crocheted hat or her sweet baby, Avenlea!? Check out her shop if you get a chance. She made an adorable pillowcase dress for Delaney for Christmas, that I promise I will get photos posted of soon. I'm totally lovin' all her crocheted hats, and more than a bit envious of her talents. I'm hoping to see what she has in store for little man Jackson's fashion. I'm assuming it will be an amazing newsboy hat in all the appropriate colors!

I start another intensive's been awhile and the horses and myself are more than ready to get out and get connected again. Hoping to post some photos soon of some of the playing we have been doing together. Not sure who loves it more, me or the horses.... There are some incredible things happening in the coming months with the horses and the healing center. Between the 4-legged and 2-legged therapists should be able to see a warm magical glow coming from this part of the state soon. We had a great meeting a couple weeks ago about what our goals and visions are for the center and I believe we all have the same vision for what we can do for people and horses all over, not only our area, but the country. Really anxious to share all of the amazing stories with you. I am working on getting everything in to written form, so it will be a tad easier to share. Dreams really do come true...

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