Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oh My Chickens!

So, as promised, here are photos of our chicken progress. We are getting dangerously close to completing the chicken coop project. When I say "we", I mean Greg is getting close to completing the project. He has been working diligently on it. I can say with complete honesty that this husband of mine is incredibly talented. I mean, to the point of I drew the chicken coop I envisioned for our humble little back yard, and with some minimal thought, he figured out what he needed and what we had on hand. I am pleased to say, our coop is pretty "green". Mostly out of necessity of very limited funds, but also because it would be a terrible waste to throw out the scrap wood we had laying around the place. So, our quaint little coop is probably the sturdiest structure on our property. The framing is our old sea wall from a few years ago that had passed it's prime. We have only had to purchase several 2x4's and the roofing (which is fiberglass panels).

The beginning stages, after several days of salvaging old boards out of the garage and back cement patio behind the garage and shed.
And, this was the coop/run as of last night. The framing Greg is finishing in this photo is for the external nesting box. We wanted something that was easy access in all weather that we could get eggs without having to enter the coop. The left side of the coop in the pic is of the "people" door where I will access the coop to clean it. All complete with a window that Greg was able to salvage from an old storm door. The run's entrance door is from an old screen door he found in the rafters of the garage. Clever man....
Some pretty nice digs for a few silly hens.... :) Without further ado... here are our girls.... They are about 6 weeks old in these photos. Ruby is our Partridge Cochin (the camera hog in the front of both pix). Opal is the Barred Rock, Pearl is the Buff Orpington and Esmerelda (Ezzie) is our Golden-Laced Wyandotte. Our sweet Sheltie, Garrett is enthralled with the girls. Spends most of his free time herding them from one side of their cage to the other. The photo above is right after Opal pecked him in the nose. Silly boy...

I will update with more photos once they are in their new house. So excited for them!!!

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Nichole said...

oh my you have a very talented hubby...that coop is looking great. Hope all is well in the Williams house. hope to visit soon.