Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Oh...how I miss internet....

So, in case you haven't figured out already... we are without internet service at home currently. We were having lots of problems with our satellite service - like there was none! I also joined the YMCA in February... I know... anyway, in our current budget strategy, it was either internet or the gym. How responsible of me to pick the gym - huh? To be fair though...I do have internet service on my blackberry...not the speediest or convenient for typing long-winded blog or Caring Bridge updates, but I am able to check emails fairly regularly through it. Our internet issues may be over soon as Greg is getting a new phone in a couple of weeks for his birthday and it is a mobile hotspot for wireless internet... I can smell the wasted hours on the internet already.

Anywho... we've had a busy few months. I recently entered my kind-of-in-shape self in a race in downtown Angola on June 19th. Please pray I can finish the race without either A. having heart failure or B. embarassing myself by tripping or (as a nightmare apparently confirmed last night) being late for the race while wearing jeans and having to pee REALLY bad. Ha! Silly what we do to ourselves isn't it?

We took Delaney camping over Greg's first vacation in May. Had big plans for spending a few days at Pokagon in our new ridiculously huge tent, but once again God had other plans...sent a nice little thunder storm our way for the second evening, so had to pack up after one (very frigid) evening. Between the freezing temps and the persistent racoons, my darling husband didn't get much sleep the first evening. As you'll see in photos, lil' D is wearing hat, gloves and winter coat on our camping trip. Always something with the Williams'!
Delaney has been riding "her" pony lately. Hasn't been riding as much as she would like, of course. It's like her silly mommy does that for a living or something and has a hard time getting up the motivation to take her riding after doing that all week! Anyway, enjoy some photos of her riding Duke. So cute! I'm hoping to get her in her first show by mid-summer. Stay tuned for details of that coming soon.

Greg and I had a great time at the Jimmy Buffet concert on May 15th. We took a party bus (seriously, it was a Cardinal motor coach bus - it's in the background of our photo here) to Indy to see Jimmy. There were approximately 40 of us on the bus... what else is there to say about that? :) Love how at the beginning of this post, Delaney is wearing hat, gloves and a coat and now this next part is her in her tiny bikini swimming in our bathwater temperature lake! We have been thoroughly enjoying our lake this summer so far. It has been warmer this last week than the entire summer last year! Crazy...She is such a big girl. Her hair is - finally - long enough to put in piggy tails...which she tells me "everyone loves her in piggy tails, but they really hurt me". So, like most women I know, she suffers with the pain to look good!

Our newest additions to the Williams' house... chickens!! We are now the proud parents of 4 beautiful little hens. Well, they are technically pullets (immature hens), but thought that might be a tad too much info for most of my readers. We (that means me and Delaney) love our girls! We have a Barred Rock (Opal), Buff Orpington (Pearl), Partridge Cochin (Ruby) and Golden-Laced Wyandotte (Esmerelda). Poor Garrett hasn't had a wink of rest since the girls moved in. Yes, I said moved in... they have been living in our home, right next to the tv since early May when they were only 1 day old! I wanted them to be bonded to us, quiet with the dogs and safe from whatever vermon is lurking in the shadows of the woods behind us. My very handy darling husband has been working on our chicken coop this week. Probably the fanciest chicken coop in Orland - not saying much... We are painting it white and I'm contemplating painting some flowers or something on it. Hey, they are girls you know. As you can guess by now, these are not "eatin'" chickens...they are "layin'" chickens. So...I'll have to let you all know in a couple of months how are delicious all-natural fresh eggs are! I'll post photos of them soon...they are getting soooo pretty.

Delaney is officially in a big girl bed. It was delivered this Saturday... it's beautiful! I repainted her room and changed the decor. I will post one photo, but now that we have the rest of her accessories up, I'll take another photo and get that posted too.

Thanks for checking on us! I need to update Caring Bridge too... and have really run out of time...so will update more soon!

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Nichole said...

I love it!!!(her room the update and the warm lake). SO busy!!! Delaney is growing up fast. WE need to get together. However now I have sick kids. ARRRGG!!!